Yvette Brissett-Andre

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1991
Industry: Nonprofit

Yvette Brissett-Andre
Executive Director

Unique People Services, Inc.

Unique People Services, Inc. (UPS) provides community-based services to people with developmental disabilities, mental disabilities, and those living with HIV/AIDS. The multi-cultural organization embraces a mission of inclusiveness. In fact, it aims to serve those who may have been denied compassionate and considerate treatment without judgment.

Quick Tip: “My motto in life is, ‘Whatever thy hands find to do, do it with all thy might.’”

Each year, UPS touches the lives of about 800 individuals. Its Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS program houses 237 individuals in scatter-site housing, and helps ensure they are taking their medications and monitoring their health. UPS’ Office of Mental Health serves individuals with mental illness through residential facilities and educational programs. The organization also offers day programs to aid the developmentally disabled population. 

This year, UPS is building its first affordable housing unit, which will have 69 units set aside for individuals with mental illness, as well as low-income individuals and families. The organization holds an annual gala, which last year helped it raise $179,000. The gala also features recognition for individuals who have had an impact on UPS. In addition, the nonprofit holds an art exhibition to showcase the work of the people it serves. All the money it collects goes straight to the artists.