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The Bigger Picture by Michael Zimmerman

Millennials in the workforce: What they want, and how to manage them

As boomers see it, "the millennials” are lazy; they act entitled; they disrespect their elders; they seek attention and chase indulgence; they live in the moment. But what’s behind the label “millennials?” And how much difference really exists between the workforce generations?
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Infographic: It’s a millennial world (of work)

The workforce is experiencing a major shakeup as baby boomers are retiring and millennials have become the largest working generation. What does this passing of the torch mean for companies trying to attract the best candidates and keep them for the long term?
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A new way to listen: Why you should add a customer advocate to your executive team

The CXO's role is ensuring the customer experience is consistent, manageable and seamless, from the point of first engagement to the end of business. Of course, if such a relationship were ever to exist, it would likely never end. And that is exactly the point.
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Infographic: The customer’s voice

With the rise of social media and instant gratification, customers have become increasingly powerful in determining the success of a brand. Recognizing this trend, a growing number of businesses are appointing chief customer officers (CCOs).
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M&A volume is at record levels. But why do so many deals fail, and what does the future hold?

Market sectors are tightening, cash is plentiful, confidence is strong, and opportunities are everywhere. What about your business? Is it time to make your move?
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Infographic: Fishing for a good deal

The Harvard Business Review estimates that between 70 and 90 percent of mergers and acquisitions ultimately fail to deliver the expected results. While there are plenty of M&A fish in the sea, how do you make sure you snag a truly great catch?
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Making the best catch in the cat-and-mouse game of hiring

There are many business aphorisms related to employees. My personal favorite is “Hire slow; fire fast.” I’m not quite as fond of “People are your greatest asset” — too simplistic. But one I think we can all agree on is “Talent is expensive.” So if talent is so expensive, why do so few employers invest comparatively little focus on screening and interviewing?
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Infographic: What tools are companies using to make the perfect hire?

Statistics on the cost of replacing an employee vary, but we can all agree that it's a cost you should avoid whenever you can. By far the best way to do that is to make sure you hire right the first time. But how?
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Billion-dollar retail giants and 17th-generation cymbal makers: America’s family businesses

From third-generation plumbers to multi-national corporations, American family businesses are a broad tapestry, as colorful as America herself. The fact is, over 60% of the U.S. workforce is employed by family businesses.
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Infographic: The facts (and secrets) of family business success

It's often said that family businesses are the backbone of America's economy, and they certainly generate a significant part of the nation's wealth and jobs. What makes them so successful, and what lessons can they teach the rest of us?
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Michael headshotABOUT MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN: Michael Zimmerman is senior marketing strategist at MarketPoint LLC, a strategic consulting firm specializing in market research, market segmentation, brand development, messaging, channel and employee communications, and interim/outsourced CMO. www.marketpointllc.com. Contact him at michael@yourmarketpoint.com.