Wendy Nierel Bosalavage

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1972
Industry: Lifestyle management and development/hospitality

Wendy Nierel Bosalavage

American Leisure LLC

“I joined the company 35 years ago and had the incredible opportunity to help develop the industry,” says Wendy Nierel Bosalavage, president of American Leisure LLC. The company helps real estate developers and hoteliers conceptualize and design amenity spaces for people to live, work and play, but for Bosalavage, her work has always been about helping people take better care of themselves. “As president of American Leisure, I have tried to redefine the way Americans interact with their communities, unwind and live the 21st-century American dream,” she says.

Fun Fact: Two years ago, Bosalavage scaled down a 22-story building with her colleagues to raise awareness and money for Shatterproof, which works to break the stigma of drug addiction.

In addition to supporting American Leisure, and her employees, Bosalavage has had a hand in boosting support for the industry. She not only founded the Medical Spa Society, but also served on the Standards and Practices Committee of the International Spa Association and is a former president of the Day Spa Association.

Though Bosalavage has had her share of challenges, including being a single mother, she has learned the importance of looking at the bigger picture, and remembering that things will get better. Bosalavage says it is important to “pay it forward by not keeping what you learned to yourself.” That’s why she believes strongly in giving back to the community, and supports organizations like Get Out Stay Out, which teaches job-readiness skills to young men at Rikers Island.