Why VoIP is great for new businesses

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For those just starting a new business, the breadth of decisions can be dizzying. From hiring to financing, it seems that every choice has momentous weight when it comes to furthering the success of a fresh venture.

Although choosing a small business phone service may seem like a minor consideration, it’s actually a significant step in futureproofing your new company. With VoIP, you have the opportunity to implement innovation from the start, with a cloud-based phone system rather than a traditional phone system. And there are many other benefits as well:

Cost control

Starting a business from the ground up often requires both capital expenditures and ongoing expenses. Getting locked into an annual contract with a traditional phone system provider can be more costly than some company founders realize, which takes funds away from other vital resources. In addition to installation and service fees, traditional providers may also layer on maintenance requirements and upgrade fees.

With a VoIP system, there’s no installation required, since the service is hosted in the cloud and managed virtually. That eliminates service calls and maintenance fees, and some business VoIP providers don’t require long-term contracts. The result is predictable costs, without investment in costly new equipment or set-up expenses.

Scalability as you grow

Often, it’s difficult to predict the growth rate of a brand-new company. The business might get on a slow-and-steady expansion track, or a few big orders could cause rapid growth in a condensed timeframe. Either way, having a small business phone system that grows at your pace is an advantage.

VoIP phone systems are designed to be highly scalable and easy to expand. For example, with Vonage Business, you can add a phone line with just a few clicks on your private Admin Portal, or in a brief call to customer service. VoIP also allows you to bring on new locations and mobile employees quickly, and have them connected seamlessly.

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