How to stay connected… no matter what the weather

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Having an emergency preparedness plan is crucial for a business – but not all have one in place. How would your business function if your employees couldn’t make it into the office? Could business continue if a winter snowstorm, fire or other disaster devastated your office? How would you deliver your products or services? Could you still be available to your customers?

Keep your phone system up and running

Business owners who plan ahead for potential emergencies aim to minimize or avoid extended business downtime. A fundamental priority is keeping your business phone system up and running, even during emergency conditions. The ability to stay in contact customers, vendors and even your own employees can be a reassuring and positive step toward “business as usual.”

Work from anywhere

A huge advantage for businesses with hosted business VoIP systems is the ease of staying connected to the system, even when you’re away from the office. Since the system is cloud-based, you have several options for how you choose to communicate:

  • Integrated mobile app. Cloud-based phone systems like Vonage’s offer mobile apps that make initiating or receiving calls appear like you’re in the office. Since our mobile solution is integrated with the full phone system, you have access to the system’s robust calling features, and caller ID registers your calls as originating from the office.
  • “Never Miss a Call” features. If an emergency keeps your employees from the office, it’s simple to ensure they still receive calls. Vonage’s “Never Miss a Call” suite of features are easy to enable from either the online User Portal or the Admin Portal. Call Forwarding will send the call to whatever phone or device you like, Simultaneous Ring rings your office phone as well as any other phone number you choose, and Follow Me uses a sequence of phones or devices of your choosing to find you.

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