5 priorities that drive phone service selection

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Every small business is unique, which certainly seems evident when choosing a new phone system. During a recent online survey, we asked business professionals, “What quality do you care about most when selecting a new phone system?” and gave them five response options. Results revealed that selection priorities can differ greatly from business to business.

Top qualities driving phone service selection: While our survey was informal, the results do provide a backdrop for discussing common motivations behind phone service selection. Below are the five response options offered in the survey and the percentage ranking of each:

Cloud-based vs. landline (37%)

Traditional phone service and landlines have been around for generations, so it’s no surprise that equipment and networks are becoming antiquated and can be costly to maintain. Today’s hosted VoIP systems, by contrast, don’t require the “closet full of wires” at the business location. They’re hosted in the cloud and managed virtually. These cloud-based options can represent a real advantage for businesses, with robust calling features and efficient online control of the entire account.

Reliable service (24%)

Like any kind of mission-critical capability, business owners need their phone system to be available and working properly at all times. But not all services are the same when it comes to reliability. That may explain why survey respondents focused on service levels as one of the top responses in phone selection. Some hosted VoIP providers tout uptime reliability on a regular basis, as well as peace of mind in situations like emergency conditions, when it’s especially crucial to keep in touch with employees and customers.

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