Vivian Rosenthal

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2011
Industry: Ad technology

Vivian Rosenthal

Snaps Media

Snaps Media is an end-to-end platform that connects brands to millennials in the mobile messaging space. “I believe that the language of the future is a visually based language. Visuals are universal and they’re democratic,” says founder Vivian Rosenthal. According to Rosenthal, 270 billion text messages are sent every single day, and the open rate for messages is 92 percent, making them a dominant form of communication. That’s why companies like Burger King, Dove, Hearst and Comedy Central come to Snaps to give their brands a lift.

Fun Fact: Rosenthal is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor, and meditates in the office often.

When she founded Snaps, Rosenthal was coming off a career in which she lacked a good work-life balance. That’s why she made this issue a priority in her new company. “We all work hard, but we work reasonable hours and we leave the office at a reasonable time. There isn’t a hierarchy. It’s a very flat organization where everyone has a voice and everyone’s a participant,” she says. Rosenthal says she loves working in a space that is collaborative, creative and focused on fostering growth.

“As a company, we decided that we want to use our technology for good as much as possible,” says Rosenthal. To that end, Snaps has built and launched branded keyboards for the refugee crisis, Cycle for Survival, internet-bullying awareness, and still another for Hillary Clinton. “I would like to see more technology founders using their technology platforms for good,” she says.