Why investing in corporate wellness provides great returns

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Let’s talk wellness and what it means to the corner office executive. When we think of our health and how we can better it, we often think, “If I could just make time to go to the gym or go on a run, I would feel better.” Sadly, these feelings often get pushed aside in the competitive and demanding world we live in, or in the worst cases, we put off going to the doctor to avoid cold realities and simply carry on hoping that someday our lives will slow down, and we can make a change for the better. Unfortunately, the main culprit of our distractions to better health is our jobs. Let’s face it, most of us need work to survive and to be fulfilled, and therefore must be employed. The high demands employers often place on employees make it difficult to maintain our health. Continually pushing health aside will eventually result in decreased productivity due to unhealthiness and stress, or turnover due to medical reasons or unhappiness. Overall, ignoring the need for corporate wellness can affect the bottom line of an organization in a big way.

A Healthy Vision
How can organizations help curve this vicious cycle to not only reduce burnout and turnover, but boost productivity and ultimately loyalty? A healthy vision is required, and just like the paradigm described above, the same thought process lurks within the executive ranks resulting in little to no change. A true dedication to the staff and its well-being must start in the corner office. A vision for corporate wellness and healthy returns, physically and monetarily speaking, is imperative for change.

Once a vision and message have been disseminated, employees will rally around the new vision and no longer see it as a chore, but a luxury instead. A well built program changes thought processes and mindsets towards a positive outlook that build healthy habits and results, all while building employee engagement and loyalty. It’s every executive’s dream come true.

A Unique Approach
Employees are human, and we are all unique with our own needs and processes to meet those needs. While there are certainly health practices that are beneficial for all people, a great wellness program needs to understand its organization’s unique needs and curate programs accordingly. This calls for open communication with employees so the program developer can identify what is most important to them. It is key for needs to be recognized rather than assumed, or even the best efforts can fall short. For this reason, it can be of great benefit for companies to turn to health experts for assistance in developing and implementing their plan. Real experts have the ability to bring an objective perspective along with proven theories, methodologies and programming, to combine with the unique knowledge of the company to engage for collaborative success.

Mind over body

While most of us center health ideologies on our physical body, it is equally, if not more important, to focus on the mind. While the implementation of an exercise program is a great start, it is just scratching the surface of what a truly comprehensive wellness plan should include. A great wellness plan addresses and enhances the much-needed understanding and skill building of: food choices and overall health, self-worth and mindfulness, goal setting and time management, stress management and interpersonal communications. These elements, combined with physical programming, enhance participation, creating better results.

The truth is most of us don’t realize or don’t want to admit how our mental and physical states effect and reflect in our work performance — it’s more transparent than we think. With a corporate wellness program that provides the framework for employees to set and meet tangible goals, and remain calm and focused with a clear mind and fit body, an organization can empower its employees to the very best they can by providing direction and coaching along the way. It is really very simple, help your staff be their best selves, and you will get their best work.

Physical – mental
And while every attempt does matter, this effort is not the only aspects of staying healthy. Some try to make time for a quick gym trip or going on a run. The more extreme might even consider a carb-free diet. However, to the truly conscious individual, health is much more than going to the gym or cutting carbs, and should be addressed as such.

Many people have the misconception that practicing good health is something reserved exclusively for the gym or workout days. However, this could not be farther from the truth. A good health plan encompasses all aspects of your life and can be practiced throughout your daily routine — especially during your most vulnerable or stressed moments. For the working majority of us, the office is where we face these moments most often and should be where our health plan begins.

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