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Marc S. Berman, President and CEO
Vector Talent Resources, Inc.
A Washington SmartCEO Corporate Partner

It’s one thing to put people in seats when a client is in need. It’s another to put exceptional people in those seats so the client succeeds. While the staffing industry is fraught with over-promises and under-delivery, Marc Berman, president and CEO of Vector Talent Resources, is striving for more and encouraging companies to expect a higher standard of service from their staffing company.

Q: What is it about the staffing industry that inspired you to build a company?

A: Vector Talent Resources is my third staffing company. My original inspiration took place after selling my electrical contracting firm in the mid-90s. During my very brief retirement, I had many friends who were executives and owners of new and growing government contracting firms. They were always complaining about finding the right talent for their jobs. I then started a founded a new company and called it Conquest Staffing Resources. I soon developed a passion for being in a position to match people with jobs that became a win for all involved. I also was able to make a good living while doing so. Since then, I never veered away from the industry. My love for the IT staffing business grows on a daily basis.

Q: What services might a company expect to receive from Vector, and how can clients be confident that Vector can help them achieve their staffing goals?

A: Vector Talent Resources provides a customized staffing solution for our clients from the bid and proposal process to delivery, and every step in between. At Vector, we tailor our staffing solution to seamlessly flow with our clients’ current business practices. Our goal is to be an extension of our clients HR department and work together with them seamlessly to provide the best candidates that not only meet their technical requirements but are also a cultural fit to their organization.

Q: How does Vector compare to similar staffing firms operating in the same space? In what ways does your approach to staffing and client engagements help differentiate Vector from its competition?

A: At the end of the day, all staffing companies, including Vector, provide human capital as the core product of their business. Vector, however, goes above and beyond the average staffing company with our service and dedication to our clients.

It is the quality of our candidates, combined with our commitment to ensuring that the candidates we provide also fit into our client’s corporate culture, setting Vector apart from other staffing companies. Ensuring that a candidate matches both of these criteria sets our clients and our candidates up for long-term success. Failing to consider both of these factors encourages higher turnover rates and client dissatisfaction.

Vector’s long-term success is dependent upon the success of our clients and we are dedicated to helping them succeed and grow. We partner with our clients on proposals to find the talent they need to win the contract. We then maintain that talent, sometimes for months and when our client wins, we are able to provide those same people from the proposal to work on the contract.

Q: Describe your ideal candidate and the importance of candidates and employees being a great match both technically and culturally?

A: Vector’s ideal candidate is someone who isn’t satisfied with mediocrity but driven to grow within their career and our client’s organization. We look for candidates who not only meet but exceed our clients technical requirements, fit with their corporate culture and are not just looking for a “job” but are invested in and dedicated to developing a career with our clients. Our dedication to finding a candidate who is the right fit for our clients sets us apart from other staffing companies.

Q: Describe how the technology age has shaped the way the staffing industry operates. How has it hindered it?

A: Technology has shortened the time needed to fill a position because the ability to both search for candidates and for applicants to apply to positions has been significantly reduced with the increased use of technology.

However, the ability to search resumes online has also allowed the staffing industry to become flooded with “companies” who feel that doing a Boolean search and submitting 10 resumes is a successful form of recruiting. The overall quality and impression of the staffing industry has gone downhill due to draw of making a quick buck and putting the needs of the clients last.

Q: How are you positioning Vector to overcome emerging challenges and take advantage of opportunities when they are presented?

A: Having a strong and experience executive and management team is essential to building a successful organization. I have spent the last two years handpicking my executive and management team, ensuring that they are dedicated my mission to raise the bar within the staffing industry and providing industry experience to allow us to anticipate challenges and respond accordingly. Together, we have developed a solid foundation, which encourages and supports 700 percent growth in the last two years. Spending this time building a solid foundation, in conjunction with the financial wherewithal to meet our client’s needs, has positioned us to become a leader in our industry far quicker than I anticipated.

Q: Being a serial entrepreneur, what pieces of wisdom have you picked up that help you effectively lead your company day after day?

A: Throughout all nine companies I have owned, I have learned that as the business leader, you are only as strong as your management team. I have found that if I apply the same principle of service and dedication to my team that I do to our clients, the positive results radiate out to all aspects of the organization.

Q: What’s one of the biggest misconceptions CEOs or companies have about the staffing industry?

A: Companies and CEOs don’t necessarily have a misconception of the staffing industry because the majority of staffing companies over promise and under perform. What they do fail to do is expect more from their staffing company and the staffing industry overall.

Q: In what ways does Vector give back to the community?

A: Vector is dedicated to supporting multiple charities that are close to the hearts of our employees. I mentor multiple small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them grow their companies.

Q: What is your goal for Vector? Describe what the firm will look like in five years, 10 years.

A: My goal for Vector is for us to not only be the best staffing company in the DC Metro area but encourage companies to expect a higher standard of service from their staffing company. I want to change impression of staffing firms from one that is primarily negative to a positive one. We measure our success by our client’s satisfaction and by maintaining a less than a 5 percent turnover rate for our clients. This turnover rate is extremely low compared to other staffing firms, but if you find the right person for the right client, it isn’t hard at all.

In the next five years, I anticipate that Vector will continue to increase at our current growth rate by increasing our client base in both the government and commercial sectors.

In 10 years, I believe that when a CEO needs a reliable, honest staffing company that not only provides the best candidates but as well as superior service, Vector Talent Resources will be the first name to come to mind.

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