How to eliminate robotic recruitment

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Rapid technology growth is causing significant waves in talent acquisition, with many recruitment professionals questioning how long it is until they’re replaced by robots. Rather than viewing technology as a replacement, we like to see it as a complement to many of the repetitive functions in the talent acquisition process. One additional truth: you can’t eliminate the personal touch only human recruiters provide.

When we think of staffing agencies, we often picture a Wall Street-styled open office with hundreds of recruiters on the phone (just without the yelling). You might think it’s basically just a glorified hiring factory, but in reality… great staffing agencies can bring personalization to even the most standardized processes.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways staffing agencies are working to humanize the recruiting process.

Personalized communication is key

Did you know personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%? We’re not just talking about changing the name in Hi ________, on a LinkedIn InMail. We’re talking about connecting with candidates socially and getting to know them before shooting off a regurgitated message.  Some quick and easy ways to personalize your message are to:

  • Find a mutual connection
  • Find an interesting similarity
  • Give them personalized praise or a compliment
  • Google them and see if any material comes up you can use (article they wrote, photography website, etc.)
  • Use email, not LinkedIn (sorry LinkedIn)

Take it a step further: Provide specific, local examples that resonate with candidates. For example, if you were reaching out to a marketing professional in the Baltimore metro area, you may want to research other local marketing agencies and share an experience of how you helped someone similar to them in another role. Using names and phrases of familiar things and places will not only grab their attention but help earn trust through association.

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