Uncut Entrepreneur by David Feldman

The next ‘growth’ opportunity? How you can get in on the burgeoning cannabis industry

Cannabis is still a toddler industry and there’s almost no one who can say they’ve been in it for very long. In its short life, it has evolved from a group of stoners excited about growing legal pot into a very serious and rapidly growing industry. How big? It’s around $6 billion now and projected to grow to $20 billion by 2020.
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Here’s how the Trump administration could affect entrepreneurship

I don’t write about politics in my columns, books or blog. There’s one simple reason for that: Why upset half my potential readership? So despite the headline, this is not a column about politics, but rather focusing on a number of potentially significant changes that may come to the world of entrepreneurs under our new president.
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The future is here: Driverless vehicles are ready to disrupt, well, everything

I rarely write about specific industries, but the very near-term advent of autonomous or driverless vehicles is so monumental and far-reaching that I believe it deserves a significant focus. It has the potential to impact so many entrepreneurial businesses.
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Is crowdfunding for you? Navigating a new world of investment options

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around the brave and very new world of crowdfunding for entrepreneurial companies. What are the different types? Are they better or easier than angel or venture capital financing? Can you do a small IPO with crowdfunding? What about Kickstarter and the like?
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Why the true entrepreneur embraces self-discipline

For good or bad, many would-be entrepreneurs bring big personalities to the business. The same passion for excitement in life that brings them to start a business also drives them to have more than that occasional glass, not be so devoted to their spouse and flirt with the employees.
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Work-less work balance: You can have a life as well as a business

Some people are born workaholics, and others ascend to that lofty place. What are the advantages and disadvantages of focusing on nothing but work 24/7/365? What strategies do successful entrepreneurs enlist to embrace their “less work” side?
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To leave or not to leave: Battling boredom in a growing company, part 2

How is it that super-successful billionaires like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs started companies from scratch and continued to run them, seemingly happily and without boredom, even after they became huge? How did they deal with the added layers of folks sitting at this part of their journey? And how should you?
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The ‘wah, wah’ problem: Battling boredom in a growing company

Presumably one of the main reasons you started your own business was to jump out of bed every morning looking forward to the challenges of the day ahead. But what if you suddenly find yourself dreading work from the sheer boredom of it?
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Balancing risk and control: Why entrepreneurs can’t afford to be reckless or control freaks

In previous installments of this column, we have talked about the personality characteristics that I believe make it much more likely you can succeed as an entrepreneur. Today, let’s take a closer look at whether you have little fear of risk and are not a freakish controller.
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The best exit strategy: Decide now what your plan should be

Most entrepreneurs build their company with the goal of cashing out at some point. Others hope their business continues for generations to come. Deciding which way to go can be complex.
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ABOUT DAVID FELDMAN: David N. Feldman, a corporate and securities attorney, is a partner in the New York City office of Duane Morris LLP. A Wharton School graduate and former chair of its worldwide alumni association, he has authored several books on finance and entrepreneurship and his award-winning blog (www.davidfeldmanblog.com) is visited by thousands of professionals each month. He is also the author of The Entrepreneur’s Growth Startup Handbook: 7 Secrets to Venture Funding and Successful Growth and other books on the challenges of entrepreneurship. Contact him at dnfeldman@duanemorris.com.