How the right internet connectivity provider can make or break your event

Thought Leadership on Innovative Tech presented by Transbeam.

You have a major event coming up that is important to your business. You want to make sure it goes off without a hitch and creates positive momentum for your brand. For this to happen, it’s vital that you have strong internet connectivity.

For any event, the internet connectivity provider you choose to deliver the necessary technology is critical to its success. Without the right IT expertise managing and monitoring networks, your event could be subjected to unstable connectivity. For this reason, the network you put in place for the event must be installed and overseen by a quality company, guaranteeing that everyone involved has a great experience, since that will ensure repeat business and enhance your business’s status. This holds true no matter what type of event your company is hosting.

Why is connectivity so important at events? First of all, it’s a prerequisite for live coverage. Today’s consumers like to stay continuously connected via social media platforms and smartphone applications. If reliable, high-speed internet access becomes unavailable, the difficulties that ensue can taint the success of your entire event and hurt your reputation. Indeed, bad news travels faster than ever in the digital age. Post-event social media rants from dissatisfied customers can go viral in the blink of an eye. You need to ensure your event can support hundreds or thousands of devices, depending on how large your event is.  Sometimes you can’t predict the number of devices either, so you need a network that is scalable to meet the fluctuation of internet demand to ensure a seamless connection for your attendees.

So, as a venue owner/operator or events manager, how do you achieve a sense of confidence in the services your venue offers? Start by finding out whether the services provided encompass the three components named below, preferably in one bundle:

  1. Broadband with backup: Does the provider offer enough secure and reliable high-capacity broadband so that all attendees can communicate with their personal devices? Likewise, find out whether the provider’s dedicated hardwiring supports live media transmissions for a variety of shows and meetings. Other important items on your checklist should include a backup solution in case the primary transmission method fails. Ask the provider if it owns and operates its own network so that broadband and routing issues are within its control to correct.
  2. Sufficient infrastructure: If you want a high quality network, you’ll need a provider that brings its own cables, cloud-based portals and plenty of distributed access points. Find out whether the provider can supply automatic failover for individual circuits. Ask the company how it addresses access points that are old or not spread properly. Will it maintain the networks for your venues? Does its staff have the experience to handle issues on the user level, such as over-utilization and power sufficiency? Check into whether its controller base solution allows it to adjust frequencies and access points during the event.
  3. Onsite support (labor): Don’t overlook the importance of an onsite network operations center for real-time technical support. Ask whether the provider has its own staff work the center and whether they can custom tailor connectivity options to meet your specific needs. Make sure they remain onsite for the duration of the event, managing and monitoring internet connectivity and performance so that connectivity issues can be mitigated speedily. Also find out whether members of any provider’s remote team are set up with alerts.

In addition to these three main components, look for a temporary wireless internet provider that offers the consulting services of a small boutique firm in combination with the IP network reach of a larger carrier. And since security is everything today, ensure your provider offers robust security across its service parameters—from routing to data to switching to labor.

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