Town Shop

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Danny Koch
Family Business Honoree

Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1898
Industry: Retail lingerie and swimwear
Generations: 4


Town Shop

Danny Koch

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: Town Shop president Danny Koch learned the family business from his grandmother, who hammered the company’s mission into his head. The lingerie and swimwear company stakes its business on the power of customer service, and that’s a value Koch works to instill even today. “We take the time to make sure that we are taking care of every customer, no matter what they are showing up to buy,” he says. This philosophy has resonated not only with generations of the family, but also with generations of customers.

Quick Tip: “Never be afraid of the next generation. They may hold the next nugget of gold needed to propel the family business into the [future].”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: Though the company doesn’t have any set procedures for bringing in new family members, Koch himself says the family was hard on him when he joined, making him earn his spoke in the wheel.

CULTURAL VALUES: Customer service is one of Town Shop’s key values, and it’s embedded in the company’s culture. When Koch joined Town Shop, he realized that the company’s inventory process was holding it back. That’s why he effectively computerized it to help the company better serve its customers. Though there was some pushback at first, the process made a clear impact, he says.

LASTING LEGACY: “It is incredibly important to me that the business always has its soul and its roots defined by the generations that have gone before me,” says Koch. “I feel that we strive to keep the culture of customer service alive in our store and in our customers’ minds. Anyone in any store in this world can ask you if you need help, but very few of those people are able to provide the level of help that customers want.”