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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1983
Industry: Nonprofit

Tori Lyon

Jericho Project

Jericho Project is working to end homelessness at its roots. The nonprofit caters to men, women and children who are either homeless, or at imminent risk of homelessness. Many of the people it serves are veterans, and more still are affected by substance abuse or mental illness. Beyond assisting people with finding stable housing, the organization helps men and women reach personal goals by providing career counseling and job-placement assistance.

Fun Fact: During her tenure, Lyon has overseen the development of more than 350 units of supportive housing.

Today, Jericho Project has more than 500 units of supportive housing through seven residences and apartments across the city. This helps more than 2,000 people get back on their feet, including 500 veterans who need help transitioning back into civilian life. Some of the organization’s newest programs place a special focus on helping homeless families across the five boroughs, as well as homeless young adults who are part of the LGBT community. Through its work, Jericho Project saves money as well as people. The cost of supportive housing with Jericho is $13,000 per person, compared to the $32,000 it costs to provide a city shelter cot.

CEO Tori Lyon recognized the need among New York’s homeless community, and is working every day to change the paradigm of homelessness in the city. As part of this mission, she has not only expanded the resources for New York’s homeless population, but she also lends her guidance to city, state and private partners to help forge successful solutions.