The Levy Group

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Donald and Louis Levy
Family Business Honoree

Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1946
Industry: Manufacturing
Generations: 4


The Levy Group

Donald Levy

Louis Levy
Vice President

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: The Levy Group has been designing, manufacturing and distributing garments for more than 70 years. Founded just after World War II, the company capitalized on America’s growing fashion industry and opened its first coat factory in New York City. Today, The Levy Group is one of the largest outerwear manufacturers in the U.S., with trading partners throughout the world. The company relies on values such as foresight, creativity and adaptability to maintain its position in the industry, and continues to explore opportunities in ways that honor its heritage.

Fun Fact: “We were the first company to ever import garments from the Soviet Union and Vietnam.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: As times have changed, so have The Levy Group’s policies when it comes to bringing new generations into the family business. As the fourth generation enters the business, they are required to spend summers during high school and college working for The Levy Group, and are asked to graduate college with a business degree. Additionally, family members are asked to spend a minimum of two years working in the warehouse.

CULTURAL VALUES: With more than 30 different divisions, The Levy Group is constantly developing new, creative strategies when it comes to company culture. President Donald Levy and vice president Louis Levy have found that creating a culture and delegating responsibility can be challenging for a family business. That’s why the family meets once a week to discuss and resolve these issues.

LASTING LEGACY: The Levy family motto is “business first.” As the business is the family’s lifeblood, it is prioritized above all else. “We are willing to do whatever it takes to separate ourselves from our competition,” says Donald Levy. Each generation of the family has learned new lessons that help newer generations succeed.