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Teching Charge by Randy Rayess

Google and the need for multiple alliances in tech

With future innovations becoming cross-disciplinary in nature and software technology rapidly becoming integral to every discipline, striking up alliances with carefully selected companies is the only way forward.
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Try these innovative ways to collect crucial feedback from employees

For any organization, regardless of its shape and size, feedback from the ground level is key to making the right decisions and moving the company forward. And the best kind of feedback is one that comes from the people who are interacting with customers and involved in daily operations.
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Should you outsource, and if so what? Here’s how to decide

There is a certain stigma associated with outsourcing, and many people prefer doing things in-house. But if done correctly, outsourcing can be very powerful.
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What Apple can teach you about crafting a luxury lifestyle brand

Apple is out to change our perceptions — not about loving or hating it, but of its position as a technology company. It is quickly repositioning itself as a fashion brand, and there are several lessons this transition can teach you about your own branding.
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How to hire the best web and mobile development agency

In today’s world, we have all realized that we need to better leverage technology to improve the way we serve our customer and the way we operate. The challenge is finding the best web and mobile development teams to build out the products we need or to augment our in-house development team.
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 Randy Rayess is the co-founder of VenturePact, a service that helps companies find and engage with vetted software development teams. He is passionate about remote work, outsourcing and software development. He previously worked in private equity at SilverLake Partners, in machine learning and in payments.