Tamara Nall

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2007
Industry: Professional services

Tamara Nall
President and CEO

TLN Worldwide Enterprises, Inc.

When Tamara Nall was asked to fire a talented, bright and successful team member because of his accent, she flatly refused, despite the fact that she was being told to do so by a partner at her former company. Instead, Nall decided to leave the company and start her own. When she founded TLN Worldwide Enterprises, Inc., she had a vision to provide a culture that cared about diversity, and to give clients big-business capabilities with a small-business approach.

Fun Fact: Nall founded an all-women professional support network called Epiphany to help young women build careers.

Nall says her company’s core values, including ethics, form the “heartbeat” of TLN. She also believes in maintaining good communication with employees, both when she has good
news and bad news. Under her “one mission, one team” philosophy, Nall has worked to create and maintain a strong sense of family among employees.

One of the biggest challenges Nall has experienced as a leader and an entrepreneur has been finding mentors and partners. Because she felt she lacked that help as her company developed, Nall has become a strong advocate of mentorship. She currently mentors several startup businesses, and created a paid internship program at TLN to help mentor young people through the process of gaining professional experience.