Talk Like TED review: Why wealth comes from ideas

Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds

By Carmine Gallo

288 pages

The big idea: Maybe you were fascinated by Simon Sinek’s “How great leaders inspire action” talk and subsequent rise to fame. Or maybe you walked away from Sir Ken Robinson’s speech believing that schools really do kill creativity. If you’ve ever watched a TED talk, you know that the best speakers’ fame doesn’t come from their charisma or entertainment value alone — it’s their ideas that captivate the audience and compel them to share the talk with others. According to Carmine Gallo, “ideas are the currency of the 21st century.” The problem? Not everyone with great ideas knows how to get others excited about them. In Talk Like TED, Gallo analyzes how real TED speakers capture their audiences, and he breaks their approaches into actionable “secrets” anyone can put to use, delving as much into the psychology behind the technique as the delivery itself.

Who should read it: Talk Like TED isn’t just for beginners, though it does touch on basics like overcoming stage fright and effective storytelling. Even if you’re an old pro, you’re likely to find a few useful pointers; the text is broken into short, titled sections and subsections, allowing the reader to pick and choose the parts they want to read. Gallo writes in equal parts big ideas and detailed examples, making the book just as valuable for the novice who needs an introduction as the veteran searching for a new nugget of inspiration.

Who should skip it: Unless you plan never to address a crowd again, you’re likely to find some value in Gallo’s well-researched, narrative-filled advice. And even then, you never know when you’ll be back up behind the podium. CEO

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