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Talent Matters by Alan Kaplan

No one likes annual reviews. Consider these better ways to talk about performance.

Several surveys have concluded that anywhere from 70 to 89 percent of large corporations are replacing or are looking to replace their performance review process. So how do you create a better system to assess employee performance and fuel growth?
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Perpetual learning: Rethinking the traditional approach to executive education

As a Baker Scholar and fresh graduate (with High Distinction) of the MBA program at Harvard Business School, Frank Spencer took the next logical step in his professional development: He applied for admission to Central Piedmont Community College to study construction estimating. Within a decade, Spencer became president and CEO of real estate developer Cogdell Spencer Inc.
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Power to your people: Why a more egalitarian approach is in your company’s best interest

Shifting demographics, technology-enabled transparency and a fierce battle for talent have led to a significant power shift in the workplace. As employees find their voices, experts say employers must listen.
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Talent outlook for 2017: Fewer candidates means your company needs smarter incentives, models

Heading into 2017, professionals engaged in talent acquisition can justifiably feel they are fighting an uphill battle with a fundamental contradiction in the labor market.
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The critical role of onboarding: Why you can’t skip a step when new employees join

Rather than putting the new hire through the tedium of “onboarding,” managers abbreviate the process and expedite the transition, theoretically freeing the new employee to jump right into producing for the company. That haste can cause damage, and that damage can be measured in as little as 90 days.
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Change is the only constant: Crafting your talent strategy in a job-hopping world

For any executive who has enjoyed a long and satisfying career within one company, the process of understanding, attracting, retaining and managing today’s transient workforce is daunting. Meeting that challenge, however, is essential to containing recruitment costs, tapping essential talent and avoiding excessive staff disruptions.
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How Patricia Husic and her high-performing team managed a turnaround

Taking the helm of a newly rebranded bank, Patricia Husic was facing a profound challenge and shouldering a heavy personal risk. A long-time executive with Pennsylvania community banks, Husic had been hired to strengthen the struggling Vartan National Bank in Central Pennsylvania. However, after the bank’s sole owner passed away, his family decided to sell.
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What it takes to make flexible arrangements work at your company

Effectively managing a staff that blends traditional onsite workers with employees who spend part or all of their hours working at remote locations requires special management skills, business practices, technologies and facilities. Here are a few of the essentials.
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How Franklin Square Capital Partners attracts the best talent

Franklin Square Capital Partners, an emerging player in the alternative asset management space, has attracted more than 13,000 applicants annually for the past two years. The recruiting team has processed more than 8,000 assessments over the two-year span and set up more than 2,000 interviews to narrow a funnel that ultimately generates a less than 1-percent hiring rate.
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Employer of choice: Strategies to help you stand out to a shrinking talent pool

Executives are preparing to meet the growing challenges in the talent market by becoming an employer of choice. If implemented wisely, such initiatives can boost a company’s talent pool and also grow revenues and service lines.
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ABOUT Alan headshotALAN KAPLAN: Alan J. Kaplan is founder and CEO of Kaplan Partners., a Philadelphia-based executive search and talent advisory firm. www.kaplanpartners.com. Contact him at alan@kaplanpartners.com.