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Cash flow: The hidden thing that drives your company’s value

cash flow

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. You already know your company’s revenue and profits play a big role in how much your business is worth. Do you know the role cash flow plays in your valuation? Cash vs. profits Cash flow is different than profits in that it measures the cash coming in and out of your business rather ...

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How to unlock your company’s hidden value

Thought Leadership on Growth to Exit Strategies presented by Falcon Capital Partners, LLC In the world of M&A and financial valuation, every dollar of value within your business counts. The simple ways to improve value include boosting sales and cutting costs, but in reality, there are significant challenges and important strategic options that must be addressed to truly develop a ...

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What’s driving the value of your business?

Thought Leadership on Ownership Transition presented by Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.  Over 90% of all companies in the U.S. are closely held, and many of these are family-owned businesses. Because there is no liquid market for the equity in these businesses, there is some uncertainty when it comes to determining the value of these companies. It’s crucial to understand the specific ...

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Information insights: creating value in client-driven information

businessmen looking at a tablet

Thought Leadership on Business Strategy & Technology Value presented by Paragon Solutions. Achieving excellence in information management is more important than ever. The vast amount of data available from within and outside of an enterprise creates an opportunity to evolve and differentiate a competitive organization as a truly information-led, client-driven business optimizing an effective information management strategy. However, with all of the ...

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What’s in a name? A surprising amount of your company’s value

Thought Leadership on Intellectual Property as a Business asset presented by IP Works, PLLC.  Apple, Louis Vuitton, Nike and Coca-Cola. What do they have in common? Their trademarks are worth over $20 billion dollars – thanks to their leadership teams making smart decisions about them. Companies with strategic and proactive approaches to branding and trademarks add significant value to their bottom ...

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