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Why customers shouldn’t always come first


Thought Leadership presented by McDonell Consulting & Development This is an important time of the year to make sure that your business, and most importantly your employees, are set up for success. When prioritizing where to start planning, allow me to recommend the Four S’s as a way to think about: Staff, Skills, Structure and Strategy. Staff: First, is your ...

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7 organization structuring mistakes no one talks about


Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. Every business has an organizational structure. Sometimes it evolves haphazardly, and sometimes you design it deliberately. Yet other times there is a blend between the two. Regardless, the effect of the organization’s structure on the business is immense. At every stage, the organization’s structure either enhances or hinders that business’ movement forward. It ...

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5 capital structures for growth

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You cannot grow a business, or formulate and execute powerful, competitive business strategies with capital strategy and structures that are weak, flawed, incomplete or missing. As you outline a plan for growth, don’t leave them out.

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