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Finnish startup-turned-global-player Smarp wants to transform your employees into brand advocates


Just a few years ago, you were probably trying to find a way to keep your employees off social media. Now, like many CEOs, you may have pivoted to this: How can I get employees to promote my brand on social media and expand my network? The co-founders of Smarp, Mikael Lauharanta and Roope Heinilä, understood the potential power of employees as brand advocates before many companies did.

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WeddingWire is helping engaged couples and wedding vendors find the perfect match


Do not tangle with Martha Stewart over table etiquette. That was the lesson Tim Chi learned in 2007. Chi had pulled together about a half-million in funding for his fledgling online wedding marketplace concept, WeddingWire, which was aimed at connecting engaged couples with wedding vendors. The site had shown some promise in its test city, Washington, DC, but it needed cash to scale.

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Have a great idea? Here’s how to monetize it

Larry Alton

Just because you have a good idea doesn’t mean that idea has the potential to become profitable, and without some kind of recurring revenue model, no business can remain standing in the long term. Fortunately, there are many ways a product — even one that isn’t directly paid for — can be monetized. You just need to find the right monetary angle for it.

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Instead of reading this, should you be napping?


This week, a picture of Richard Branson is making the rounds that shows him posing with an employee who is taking a nap on an office couch. On his blog, Branson notes the employee was getting some “much-needed rest,” and napping at the office has certainly become more acceptable, especially in the tech and startup worlds. But is it really a good idea?

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Whatever happened to Theranos? Lessons from a startup bust


Last year, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was at the top of Forbes’ list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women. When the magazine released its new list on June 1, Holmes had dropped off completely. In fact, Forbes announced it was lowering its estimate of her net worth to zero. What went so wrong in just a year?

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How a health scare inspired Stu Libby to save the U.S. economy billions of dollars

The U.S. spends up to $289 billion each year on health complications that result from non-adherence to prescription medication, according to an estimate by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For Stu Libby, a former account executive at Google and DoubleClick, that problem took on an urgent personal note when his father was discharged from the hospital without his life-saving cardiac medication.

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