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Understanding the rise of intrapreneurship


Thought Leadership presented by The Learning House, Inc.   By Tricia Hussung The term “intrapreneurship” refers to new ventures spearheaded within a larger organization. As the millennial generation enters the workforce with new ideas and an unfettered drive to succeed, intrapreneurship is on the rise as a way to channel innovation within a corporate framework. What is intrapreneurship? The essential ...

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There’s no downside to protecting yourself — always insure your risk

risk insurance

Thought Leadership on Corporate Financial Wellness presented by Raskin Gobal. We are always alarmed when a client has a family, significant other, partner, etc., and no provisions in place to protect them. Or, when the client has the wrong protection in place. Not having the right or adequate levels of protection in place can very quickly and unexpectedly bankrupt a family, ...

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The risk of being the average investor

Thought Leadership on Corporate Financial Wellness presented by Raskin Gobal. Investors often have difficulty understanding the relationship between risk and return in relation to investment portfolio performance. “Return” is what an investment yields, or the profit made by holding an investment over a period of time. “Risk” refers to the probability of underperforming the market benchmark, or failure to achieve projected ...

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Why angel investors are willing to bet it all on promising startups, and how you can get in on the action

angel investors

When you invest in the stock market, you have help. The risk of losing your money is mitigated by mounds of data that inform your decisions, and there’s a decent chance your risk will be rewarded. When you invest in real estate, you benefit from a stable market and the ability to sell at any time. But when you’re an angel investor putting money into a startup, all you have is an idea, a team and a gut feeling.

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Duty of care: dealing with disasters abroad

AHT Insurance image for SmartCEO

Thought Leadership on Risk Management presented by AHT Insurance.  Terrorist attacks in Paris. Car accident in Uganda. Tick bite in China. Do you know which of these incidents cost $41 Million in a settlement? The answer may surprise you: It was the tick bite. In today’s complex global environment, companies have an obligation to protect employees from a myriad of ...

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You’re wasting money and leaving your company at risk

SOS Technology Group image for SmartCEO

Thought Leadership on the Technology of Security presented by SOS Technology Group. It was taboo for a while to have surveillance cameras inside your offices, or to even monitor the software on your PCs. But recently, it has become much more commonplace. Theft within small businesses has increased 45 percent in the past 12 months, according to a recent Wall Street ...

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Is your leadership team’s income protected? Really?

hand protecting a piggy bank from being smashed

Thought Leadership on Employee Benefits-Risk & Reward presented by TriBridge Partners. Many Americans today have lifestyles, they have plans, they have obligations, and they have overhead that consumes most (if not all) of their monthly income. High or low income persons are equally exposed to this ratio of income and expense, with higher earners often having more complex or larger overhead to ...

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Fiduciary risk management: 2 developments that have increased your risk and what you can do about it

Risk dial

Thought Leadership on Risk Management presented by AHT Insurance.  Offering a retirement plan can be beneficial to employees, their beneficiaries, and the company. Administering a plan and managing its assets however comes with great responsibility and possible risk. If your organization has already implemented a retirement plan you are likely very aware of the risks and responsibilities involved. However, recent ...

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Should you require a subcontractor to sign a written contract?

Worker fallen off a ladder

Thought Leadership on Property & Casualty/Risk & Insurance Management presented by Commercial Insurance Managers. Verbal contracts are simple and easy. All you have to do is ask a roofing contractor to get up on your roof and repair the shingles that are missing. The subcontractor’s worker arrives, takes the ladder, leans it up against the building, climbs up and loses his ...

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