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Tackling businesses’ ‘fear’ of government

business man getting crushed by a court gavel

Thought Leadership on Improving Maryland Business Climate presented by Greater Baltimore Committee. Business people have long joked that, if you want to scare them, simply utter the following: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” Meet Roger Campos, Maryland’s newly-appointed business ombudsman. He’s from the government – he reports directly to Governor Larry Hogan – but he really is ...

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Why you must rethink your attitude to service recovery

Curated article from Forbes on Service Recovery

Things go wrong. Good companies make them right. Great companies go beyond that to making the people who were wronged feel better. The lifetime value of loyal customers is common knowledge. The impact disgruntled customers can have is known to be enormous. Why then doesn’t everyone adopt a BRAVE approach to service recovery? It comes down to attitude. Those focused ...

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