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The way to prevent death by meeting is to make meetings matter

Paul Riecks

I believe we are wired to interact with each other for clarity of communication and greater understanding. It is possible to accomplish those things in a variety of ways — letters, emails, texts, posts on social media, voice mails, conference calls, video conferencing and plain, old-fashioned meetings. Using any of these mediums requires preparation and skill to achieve clarity of communication and greater understanding.

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Why Luminary Labs CEO Sara Holoubek discourages emails after 6 p.m.

A Neat Idea

Holoubek recalls that when Luminary Labs first started, there was a lot of pressure to attract and retain clients, which meant always being “on.” But in recent years, with the company more established, it became apparent that a lot of the late-night emails employees were sending could have waited until the next day.

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Workplace fitness: 3 simple changes you can make to improve productivity

Lifework Strategies image for SmartCEO

Thought Leadership on The Future of Wellness presented by LifeWork Strategies. You can go crazy and invest in things like treadmill desks, massage chairs and onsite chefs (trust me, I won’t stop you), or you can simply add one more resolution to your annual business strategy – a resolution to get your workplace fit. This resolution has enormous potential to ...

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10 apps to increase productivity

woman on her computer

Thought Leadership on Shared Office Environment presented by American Executive Centers. When you are a business owner or entrepreneur, having tools that save you time and help you to be more productive is vital to the success of your company. There are tens of thousands of tools available that increase productivity but finding the right ones for you and your needs ...

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22 productivity tips from successful entrepreneurs

Man stretching at his desk while working

To be a successful entrepreneur, you’ve got to manage your time wisely. Successful entrepreneurs, then, must have a few tips and tricks for boosting their productivity. Business Insider has interviewed and compiled interview tips from successful entrepreneurs from different industries. 1. Asana CEO Dustin Moskovitz has no meetings Wednesdays. Moskovitz is one of the cofounders of Facebook, as well as one of ...

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Get the most out of your morning

Person turning off an alarm clock

Business owners are busy from the moment they wake up to the hours past when they should’ve been asleep. Then, the next morning they’re up early and going at it again. While most people dislike being a “morning person,” the fact is that it’s necessary to get the most out of your day. Many seasoned CEOs still dislike being morning ...

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5 simple ways to be extra productive on Mondays

Curated article on Monday producitivty

Weekends are fantastic. Relaxing, de-stressing and working on some of that backlog of simple, but time consuming tasks.  But then Monday rolls around. Back to the grind and all of the stress that the beginning of the week brings. Staying focused and productive on Mondays can be tough when you’re still thinking about the weekend. The most productive people focus and ...

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