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Why you shouldn’t go it alone on structuring, fundraising and partnerships

Too many entrepreneurs start their business without considering key legal issues that, if mishandled early on, could cause major problems down the road. Worried about the cost of engaging lawyers, entrepreneurs often decide to “wing it” when it comes to structuring a company, protecting its intellectual property, raising capital in a legally compliant way and making sure the initial partners have a clear understanding of the deal between them.

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Partnership equity compensation for employees? Use this decision tree to help you with the issues.

Man looking at a decision cross road

Thought Leadership on Tax Planning presented by Thomas & Libowitz. In a prior article, we described the choices and issues for corporate equity compensation given to employees. Suppose the employer is a partnership or an LLC. The issues are different, and the decision matrix, as well as the explanation which follows, describes the choices.   Unlike corporate employers, partnership employers generally do ...

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RVM Enterprises, Inc.

Cheryl Brunetti, Executive Chairwoman, RVM Enterprises, Inc. - 2015 EANYC Finalists: Providing consistent feedback is extremely valuable, and when that communication becomes collaboration, it can help both the employee and the company.

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Bond Painting Company, Inc.

2016 EANYC Finalists: Bond Painting Company, Inc.,Stuart Feld, President - Fun Fact: Bond Painting Company is named in honor of James Bond. Its slogan is “Our paint is shaken, not stirred.”

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Skyline Windows

Steven Kraus headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Skyline Windows,Steven Kraus, CEO - Fun Fact: “More than 30 Skyline employees are related to each other in some way.”

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Patient Care Associates, Inc.

Taryn B. Tanzer headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Patient Care Associates, Inc., Taryn B. Tanzer, President - Fun Fact: “Patient Care Associates has performed in excess of one million testing procedures to date.”

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Professional Physical Therapy

Adam Elberg headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Professional Physical Therapy, Adam Elberg, President, CEO and Founding Partner - Fun Fact: “Professional started out in 1999 with one small office in Bayside, Queens. The first two employees hired are still with the company today.”

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Riviera Caterers

Andrew Cavitolo headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Riviera Caterers, Andrew Cavitolo, CEO and Creative Director - Fun Fact: Launched in 1895, Riviera has been a family-run operation for over a century.

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Grass Roots Meetings & Events

Barry Richards headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Grass Roots Meetings & Events, Barry Richards, President - Fun Fact: Richards has worked his way up in the event industry, earning his stripes on the ground as an event manager.

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BFC Partners

Donald Capoccia and Joseph Ferrara headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: BFC Partners, Donald Capoccia and Joseph Ferrara, Principals - Quick Tip: “You’re better off making a bad decision and moving forward than making no decision at all.”

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