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Top 10 rules for successful sales and business development


Thought Leadership presented by MicroTech. 1. Go to work and work when you work. Don’t take hours to get started when you get to work — be ready the minute you get in the door. The thirty minutes or hour it takes to gear up is time you give the competition to catch-up. Don’t take long lunch hours or spend time doing ...

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Feeling overwhelmed by your business’s marketing needs? Here’s how to get organized

Larry Alton

Digital marketing is big business, but when it isn’t planned properly, it can also turn into a big mess. That’s why it’s important for companies to identify their target audience, develop content and timelines, and segment and assign marketing tasks to appropriate individuals. While your content and message will always be central, a strong organizational system can keep the overall campaign on course.

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7 organization structuring mistakes no one talks about


Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. Every business has an organizational structure. Sometimes it evolves haphazardly, and sometimes you design it deliberately. Yet other times there is a blend between the two. Regardless, the effect of the organization’s structure on the business is immense. At every stage, the organization’s structure either enhances or hinders that business’ movement forward. It ...

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How much is that paper expense report really costing your organization?

paper going crazy!!! ahhhhhhhh

Thought Leadership on Managing Company Spending by ExpenseWatch. As confidence in the economy continues to increase, companies are starting to anticipate a boost in revenues and as such expect spending more to support growth. As we’ve said in previous articles, these growth periods are often accompanied by internal process bottlenecks and challenges as an organization strives to keep up with increased ...

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How leadership affects company value for investors

value puzzle

Leadership undoubtedly has an impact on the value of the business, especially from an investment perspective. Companies have always been indexed with a market value based on a measure of their finances. And, while the finances of a business are important, potential investors may seek to base their investments on intangible metrics like brand, strategy and leadership. Previously, there had been ...

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What’s going on inside your organization?

Kathy Davis Thought Leadership Headshot

Thought Leadership on Leadership Training presented by MKS&H. What’s going on inside your organization? When an employee decides to leave your organization because he/she is not a good fit for your culture, should you be concerned?   That depends – Is the culture of your organization ideal for your business, or is it a runaway train about to derail? We can easily ...

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