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Susan Hahn’s near-death experience led to a nonprofit partnership that’s helping Baltimore-area youth

On October 14, 2013, Susan Hahn was hit by a car traveling more than 50 miles an hour. She had to be flown to the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Shock Trauma Center to be resuscitated, and underwent multiple surgeries to bones, muscles and tendons. She had also suffered a traumatic brain injury. As Hahn began the long, slow road to recovery, she started to ask herself some questions: “Why am I here? Why didn’t I stay dead? What am I supposed to be doing?”

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James Cuorato is helping Philly tourism enter the 21st century

Marc Kramer

In his office, the former drummer of a Beatles cover band is surrounded by pictures and paraphernalia of the Fab Four. Ironically, his job is to promote Philadelphia, and in particular Independence National Historical Park, which celebrates the foiling of a much earlier British invasion. With a knack for serving visitors and a passion for government work, president and CEO James Cuorato is leading the Independence Visitor Center Corporation into an exciting future.

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A labor of love: How Melissa Levy helps animals and her community

Melissa Levy found herself more interested in her volunteer work with people and animals at PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society), than her day job as a freelancer. So she came on board with PAWS full-time to help build it into a thriving nonprofit. Today, she serves as the organization’s executive director, working toward a larger mission of making Philadelphia a no-kill state.

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