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Making the most of your nonprofit board involvement


Thought Leadership on Growth Strategies for Technology Companies presented by Wiss & Co. It is a privilege to be asked to join a nonprofit board, whether it’s a prominent organization or one that’s fairly under the radar. Registering for a board unlocks the noteworthy ability to assist others on a multitude of platforms, exercising your influence to fortify and transform ...

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How Lauren Danziger is creating a sense of community in NYC’s Meatpacking District

In 2010, Lauren Danziger was part of a small group of people who formed the Meatpacking Improvement Association (MPIA). As MPIA’s founding executive director, she led the effort to grow the organization and start an officially recognized business improvement district (BID). She accomplished that in 2015, and today, her job is to promote the Meatpacking District to locals and visitors alike. In doing so, she battles preconceived notions about the neighborhood, but also the fact that it’s mainly a commercial and industrial area. Here, Danziger shares how the BID has helped the Meatpacking District grow its sense of community.

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At WaterAid America, CEO Sarina Prabasi leads a small team with a big footprint

Since taking over as CEO of WaterAid America in May 2014, Sarina Prabasi has left her mark on the organization, spearheading two acquisitions of other nonprofits, deepening the impact of existing programs and helping shepherd a crucial piece of legislation through Congress. Prabasi, a native of Nepal who now calls New York home, is also a passionate evangelist for WaterAid’s mission: Making sure all women have access to clean water and sanitation, so they are free to pursue their education and careers.

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How PBS remains fearless in an era of rapid change in the digital media landscape


President and CEO Paula Kerger has established PBS as a critically acclaimed player in the digital media space, expanded the broadcaster’s service to educators and children, leveraged social media to facilitate thoughtful debates about some of America’s deepest problems, improved relationships and heightened collaboration with member stations, and tapped new sources of funding and resources.

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With a splash of color, nonprofit leader Ruth Lande Shuman connects students and executive mentors

In the 1970s, Ruth Lande Shuman realized that the dark, prison-like environment in many public schools was contributing to poor student and teacher performance. She decided to fix the problem and founded Publicolor, a nonprofit that initially worked with students to paint their schools and other public buildings. Publicolor also provides volunteer and mentoring opportunities for executives, encouraging them to engage with struggling students while improving public spaces.

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Entertainment lawyer, nonprofit founder, teacher: John Burns is a man with many hats

Sure, John Burns is an entertainment lawyer taking on high-profile cases from New York to Los Angeles. But he’s also the co-founder of the ICON to ICAN Foundation, which helps inspire America’s underserved youth, and he teaches music and business law. On top of all that, Burns serves as a TV legal correspondent, lending his voice and insight to networks like MSNBC, BET and The Huffington Post. With all that on his plate, how does he stay sane?

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