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Looking toward the future: Accounting and preparation

accounting and preparation

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. Since times immemorial, organizations have implemented an annual cycle. This has included full cultures, groups, communities, and more recently, businesses. We prepare each cycle by accounting, taking stock, by preparing, by planning. There are two themes for this period: accounting and preparation. They are different, yet interdependent. Because how we account for the past is how we prepare ...

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7 steps in organization structuring no one takes

Business organization

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. To take your company up to the next level requires strengthening each of its Six Key Components. That is exactly what we do throughout the EOS® Process. Your people are fundamental to your success. They are the source of many difficult Issues entrepreneurial companies face. Early on in this process, we focus on ...

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7 management mistakes no one talks about

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. The Wall Street Journal’s Guide to Management by Alan Murray advises that “leadership and management must go hand in hand. They are not the same thing, but they are necessarily linked, and complementary. Any effort to separate the two is likely to cause more problems than it solves.” I could not agree more. ...

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These 4 rules of thumb are crucial if you want to get tasks done

Leaders Edge image for SmartCEO

Thought Leadership on The Third Way of Leadership presented by The Leaders Edge/Leaders By Design. Business needs both management and leadership. All leaders, irrespective of their level or their position titles, need a few rules of thumb to keep their leadership fresh and their management processes productive. Management is a task-focused skill having to do with process, procedure, forecasting, time lines of ...

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This is how Dave Magrogan plans to grow his restaurant empire

Dave Magrogan

After more than a dozen years in hospitality, the founder and CEO of the Dave Magrogan Group owns 16 restaurants under five brands in two states, with revenues that could top $50 million this year. His near-term plan includes an inventory of stores that will fan out across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, head south along I-95 to Florida, crowd the DC Beltway area, and then radiate westward.

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5 pieces of a successful content strategy part 5: Content management

content management

Thought Leadership on Content Strategy presented by Carousel30. This is part five of a six-part series on how to create an effective content strategy, a critical piece of marketing for organizations in every industry, whether your focus is B2B, B2C, B2G or all of the above. Having an effective content strategy and content marketing plan can yield great benefits that reach audiences ...

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