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Infographic: Fishing for a good deal


The Harvard Business Review estimates that between 70 and 90 percent of mergers and acquisitions ultimately fail to deliver the expected results. While there are plenty of M&A fish in the sea, how do you make sure you snag a truly great catch?

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Ps and Qs of M&A and IPOs

Business plan

Thought Leadership on Tax and Audit presented by ClearView Group. Rapid growth leads to exciting opportunities. Leaders looking for the next step in their company’s life cycle often turn to the public markets (IPO) or a merger/acquisition (M&A). Yet, the biggest challenges to a successful transaction are often internal, since internal resources typically haven’t kept up with meteoric growth. That’s ...

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Risk and reward: How to ensure your M&A transaction is profitable

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No one goes into a merger or acquisition planning for it to fail, but there’s no guarantee that any M&A transaction will succeed. A successful merger or acquisition doesn’t necessarily raise the company’s production or increase its revenue. Sometimes the success of a merger comes from the ease of the transition, the combination of two cultures and even unforeseen benefits that many CEOs may not have thought of. Setting up for success relies heavily on the knowledge acquired and preparation done beforehand.

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