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Three rare lessons in execution from the movie Hitch

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Thought Leadership on Execution Strategies presented by Simple Solutions. CEOs can learn three essential yet rarely discussed lessons about successful execution Strategies from the movie Hitch starring Will Smith. The movie is about a date-doctor, played by Smith, who, through private word-of-mouth referrals, teaches men how to catch the attention of their beautiful love-interests who are considered to be out of the ...

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5 lessons all CEOs can learn about execution from healthcare.gov’s epic failures

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Thought Leadership on Execution Strategies presented by Simple Solutions. One of the most visible and epic examples of execution failures in recent times is the launch of access to the Nation’s first universal health care enrollment system, Healthcare.gov – the website for the Affordable Care Act. Independent of the policies, politics and technology of Healthcare.gov, the faltering debut of the initiative provides ...

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The top 5 leadership lessons to helping you lead effectively

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Thought Leadership on Peer Advantage presented by Vistage International. Earning recognition as a great leader isn’t something that most successful professionals strive for. In fact, it’s actually just the opposite because success in leadership comes from having humility, admitting you don’t know everything and asking questions.

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5 ways golf can be good for your business

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Your opponents are not preventing you from winning. There is no one blocking you from scoring. In golf, as in business, your fate and your outcome are in your own hands. It’s you against the environment. There’s something about the thrill of the challenge. But, for business people, there’s more to learn from golf than just a great challenge. From ...

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