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Understanding the rise of intrapreneurship


Thought Leadership presented by The Learning House, Inc.   By Tricia Hussung The term “intrapreneurship” refers to new ventures spearheaded within a larger organization. As the millennial generation enters the workforce with new ideas and an unfettered drive to succeed, intrapreneurship is on the rise as a way to channel innovation within a corporate framework. What is intrapreneurship? The essential ...

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The top 4 obstacles that cause new company presidents to fail

According to Business Insider, “50 to 70 percent of executives fail within the first 18 months of promotion into an executive role, either from within or coming from outside the organization.” It’s even harder for a new president to succeed, but if you can remove the following four obstacles, you might be able to reverse those odds.

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People issues? 5 actions to take

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. “The problem is always PEOPLE!” Dean Harrington, CEO of Shamrock Financial, made that clear in a recent conversation I had with him and Colleen Ferrary, CEO of Small Business USA. So how do we — owners and CEOs of entrepreneurial small-to-midsized businesses — address this? The answers are many, but here are five ...

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Looking toward the future: Accounting and preparation

accounting and preparation

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. Since times immemorial, organizations have implemented an annual cycle. This has included full cultures, groups, communities, and more recently, businesses. We prepare each cycle by accounting, taking stock, by preparing, by planning. There are two themes for this period: accounting and preparation. They are different, yet interdependent. Because how we account for the past is how we prepare ...

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7 steps in organization structuring no one takes

Business organization

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. To take your company up to the next level requires strengthening each of its Six Key Components. That is exactly what we do throughout the EOS® Process. Your people are fundamental to your success. They are the source of many difficult Issues entrepreneurial companies face. Early on in this process, we focus on ...

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