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Teads is working to make advertising sustainable for companies and less annoying for consumers


Teads is the leading company serving outstream video advertising, reaching 1.2 billion unique viewers worldwide, according to comScore’s Video Ad Ecosystem report. Teads reported $144 million in revenue in 2015, boasting organic growth of 50 percent year-over-year. Underlying all of Teads’ digital advertising solutions is the principle that the ad must be “entirely respectful of user choice.”

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WeddingWire is helping engaged couples and wedding vendors find the perfect match


Do not tangle with Martha Stewart over table etiquette. That was the lesson Tim Chi learned in 2007. Chi had pulled together about a half-million in funding for his fledgling online wedding marketplace concept, WeddingWire, which was aimed at connecting engaged couples with wedding vendors. The site had shown some promise in its test city, Washington, DC, but it needed cash to scale.

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Ps and Qs of M&A and IPOs

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Thought Leadership on Tax and Audit presented by ClearView Group. Rapid growth leads to exciting opportunities. Leaders looking for the next step in their company’s life cycle often turn to the public markets (IPO) or a merger/acquisition (M&A). Yet, the biggest challenges to a successful transaction are often internal, since internal resources typically haven’t kept up with meteoric growth. That’s ...

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John Hillen: Renaissance Man

When John Hillen, Ph.D., looks back over the people, things and experiences that shaped him as a business leader, he pointedly mentions the importance of books. But he is not necessarily referring to the hottest new CEO leadership text burning up the bestseller list. In fact, he recently suggested Meditations by the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius to a local magazine’s summer reading list.

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Considering your financing options for an IPO

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Thought Leadership on Closely Held Business Services presented by EisnerAmper LLP.  As a company grows, there is often a need for capital. Many business owners want to know whether certain financing options can impede their ability to go public. Let’s look at some of the issues. Debt Financing Loans are the typical example of debt financing, where a business borrows money ...

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Going public? Choose advisers carefully

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For entrepreneurs focused on “the exit,” going public is an attractive option. But it’s a complicated process that requires lots of help from outside experts. And the process of finding the right advisers can be just as difficult. Going public has its advantages; a company with a publicly traded stock can typically access capital for growth more easily and at more favorable valuations, make acquisitions using public stock as currency, reward executives with valuable stock options and benefit from the PR that comes with availability of public information.

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How Millennial Media stays one step ahead in mobile

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Paul Palmieri’s big market opportunity sat within the confines of a screen the size of a postage stamp. It was the turn of the century, and the mobile communications industry was in its infancy. Cell phones had recently evolved into pocket-sized devices with tiny, digital displays, and Palmieri, an executive with Verizon Wireless responsible for mobile data and content services, began to envision the boundless possibilities for delivering advertising, news, weather forecasts, business functions, movie trailers, sports highlights, games and other content on those tiny, colored screens.

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