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CI VIEW: America’s new business titans spread their wings

WASHINGTON, DC (BBN) – The new economic elite of the United States is not made of Silicon Valley moguls, but the impressive number of Black American business tycoons such Chicago’s Loop Capital founder and CEO James Reynolds; Washingtonian real estate tycoon Donahue Peebles; Warrenton, Virginia luxury resort prima donna Sheila Johnson; New York City asset manager Christopher Williams and Los ...

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WeddingWire is helping engaged couples and wedding vendors find the perfect match


Do not tangle with Martha Stewart over table etiquette. That was the lesson Tim Chi learned in 2007. Chi had pulled together about a half-million in funding for his fledgling online wedding marketplace concept, WeddingWire, which was aimed at connecting engaged couples with wedding vendors. The site had shown some promise in its test city, Washington, DC, but it needed cash to scale.

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Startups get an A+

Super hero businessman with an A+ on his chest

Thought Leadership on Growth Strategies for Technology Companies presented by Wiss & Co.  The capital raising landscape for startups has often been a bit of a minefield. In March 2015, the SEC adopted what is commonly referred to as Regulation A+ under Title IV of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012. Regulation A+ provides for two tiers ...

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Make your pitch for investors

Man showing off business idea

Thought Leadership on Business Execution presented by Sterling National Bank. Your business has uncovered an opportunity — and identified an innovative solution. But where do you find funding, and how do you support it with a compelling pitch? Consider the landscape for investors. These may be angel investor networks— often comprised of individuals interested in connecting their communities— individual angel investors, and ...

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Crowdfunding: Opportunity or risk for individual investors?

Thought Leadership on Real Estate Accounting presented by Friedman LLP.  Would you like the opportunity to own a piece of residential or commercial real estate or make an investment in a mortgage loan? Today, investors around the country are receiving e-mails and other solicitations, as well as hearing from the media, about the opportunities to invest in the booming real estate market. Online, ...

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5 capital structures for growth

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You cannot grow a business, or formulate and execute powerful, competitive business strategies with capital strategy and structures that are weak, flawed, incomplete or missing. As you outline a plan for growth, don’t leave them out.

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