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SD-WAN vs. MPLS: The major differences that change everything


Thought Leadership on Innovative Tech presented by Transbeam. How is SD-WAN different from MPLS? That’s the number-one question we get from potential clients and current customers. Beyond just the cost-effectiveness, they want to know how it’s going to work for them, and whether or not it’s worth severing ties with their old network. Information tends to be bogged down in technical ...

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SD-WAN: Don’t let the buzz distract you from what you need


Thought Leadership on Innovative Tech presented by Transbeam. What is SD-WAN? If one of your business concerns includes network functionality, you’re likely aware of the latest technology shaking up the networking industry: SD-WAN. Short for Software-Defined Wide-Area Network, SD-WAN is creating a buzz as networking’s next change. The technology is making management of WANs easier, and allowing businesses to transform their ...

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Teads is working to make advertising sustainable for companies and less annoying for consumers


Teads is the leading company serving outstream video advertising, reaching 1.2 billion unique viewers worldwide, according to comScore’s Video Ad Ecosystem report. Teads reported $144 million in revenue in 2015, boasting organic growth of 50 percent year-over-year. Underlying all of Teads’ digital advertising solutions is the principle that the ad must be “entirely respectful of user choice.”

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I’m switching my spending to the internet

It was 2006.  It began as a trickle.  Once in a while.  Someone would say to me “I’m switching my spending to the internet.”  This would have been fine, except I was a Sales Manager for a radio station group.  And it meant cancelled orders and lowered budgets. My background in engineering emboldened me.  And when a friend mentioned they ...

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How the right internet connectivity provider can make or break your event

Thought Leadership on Innovative Tech presented by Transbeam. You have a major event coming up that is important to your business. You want to make sure it goes off without a hitch and creates positive momentum for your brand. For this to happen, it’s vital that you have strong internet connectivity. For any event, the internet connectivity provider you choose to deliver ...

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Outlook on business technology

future of technology

Thought Leadership on Outlook: Where’s Business Technology Heading presented by American Technology Services, Inc. (ATS®) Some things about business technology, I can say with certainty: As things get better, my expectations are raised higher and higher. We are solidly in the internet age, and have been for a long time. We are just about sick of hearing about the cloud, and everybody ...

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The new internet – same as the old internet?


Thought Leadership on Managed IT Services presented by SecurElement Infrastructure Solutions.  The Who was one of my favorite rock bands growing up as they were decidedly different than The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The band embodied the rebellious feelings of the youth during the 1960s and 1970s and no one song was more indicative of that generation than the ...

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Can Marissa Mayer fix Yahoo by breaking it?


Yahoo has been struggling to regain its former relevance in the internet space for years. Now, CEO Marissa Mayer is making her last stand. On Feb. 2, Mayer announced Yahoo would lay off 15 percent of its employees and close offices around the world to put some cash in the bank and get growing.

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