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The importance of reflections in team building

Group throwing a girl into the air

Thought Leadership on Team Building presented by Terrapin Adventures, LLC. When people come to a challenge course they participate in a series of different challenges. These could be introducing yourself to a complete stranger, playing a goofy tag game, passing someone through a web of rope or catching a teammate on a trust fall. If the facilitator is good, the participants feel ...

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How well is your net worth and your family protected?

Businessman protecting house and family

Thought Leadership on The Pillars of Wealth Management presented by The Seiler Group at Raymond James. Do you have the proper preventive security valves in place? An integral piece to a successful financial plan is the management of risk, both within your portfolio and in your life. How do you know if you are properly protected? You can start by checking to ...

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Building a strong deal team

Letters spell "Dream Team"

Thought Leadership on Ownership Transition presented by Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.  Ownership transitions are complicated transactions requiring the skills and knowledge of a wide variety of deal professionals. Like a winning sports team, a successful transaction advisory deal team requires the contribution of individual players at the right time and in the right measure throughout the deal process to successfully execute ...

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Don’t let a start-up beat your enterprise

snails racing

Thought Leadership on Enterprise Agility by Santeon Group. The Terraglobal CEO sits down with his VP of Engineering shaking his head as he points to a press release, “how is it that this new start-up GroundSeed was able to repackage the same type of weather, soil, and germination data we’ve been collecting for years on farming and hit a home run? I ...

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10 tips to ensure sales-focused messaging

Thought Leadership on Branding and PR presented by The Borenstein Group.  Why do so many CEOs and Vice Presidents of Business Development feel disconnected from their peers at the marketing and PR department of the same organization? After all, aren’t they all fighting for the same WIN cause? In my experience, many marketing communications professionals lose sight of the notion that ALL ...

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