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James Cuorato is helping Philly tourism enter the 21st century

Marc Kramer

In his office, the former drummer of a Beatles cover band is surrounded by pictures and paraphernalia of the Fab Four. Ironically, his job is to promote Philadelphia, and in particular Independence National Historical Park, which celebrates the foiling of a much earlier British invasion. With a knack for serving visitors and a passion for government work, president and CEO James Cuorato is leading the Independence Visitor Center Corporation into an exciting future.

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Tackling businesses’ ‘fear’ of government

business man getting crushed by a court gavel

Thought Leadership on Improving Maryland Business Climate presented by Greater Baltimore Committee. Business people have long joked that, if you want to scare them, simply utter the following: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” Meet Roger Campos, Maryland’s newly-appointed business ombudsman. He’s from the government – he reports directly to Governor Larry Hogan – but he really is ...

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How to make money doing business with the federal government

Thought Leadership on Government Contract Law presented by Berenzweig Leonard, LLP.  What business would want to ignore the world’s largest customer? In my experience, more than you’d think ‒ because the world’s largest customer is the United States government. And who would pass up the opportunity to make money with a huge global customer? On the surface, the reluctance seems reasonable. ...

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Arc Aspicio

Lynn Ann Casey

Arc Aspicio named a 2016 Washington Govstar Finalist. Words of Wisdom: “It is impossible to know who will be your next competitor or your next business partner. Therefore, it is important to never burn a bridge in your network.”

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Macro Solutions

Amy Wright

Macro Solutions named a 2016 Washington Govstar Finalist. Words of Wisdom: “Follow your passion — start a business that you believe in, and where you have experience with the industry and revenue model.”

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Carolyn V. Hannon

eMentum named a 2016 Washington Govstar Finalist. Words of Wisdom: “Choose your business partners wisely. It’s a very competitive industry and not everybody has the same ethics.”

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Federated IT

Kyle von Bucholz

Federated IT named a 2016 Washington Govstar Finalist. Words of Wisdom: “As cliché as it may sound, our advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to follow Winston Churchill’s words and ‘never, never, never give up.’”

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WTS, Inc.

Marc Wexler

WTS, Inc. named a 2016 Washington Govstar Finalist. Words of Wisdom: “We work most of our waking lives, so we’d better make this fun somehow.”

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Strategy and Management Services, Inc. (SAMS)

Staci L. Redmon

Strategy and Management Services, Inc. (SAMS) named a 2016 Washington GovStar Finalist. Words of Wisdom: “Consistency, persistence and determination are key building blocks upon which every entrepreneur should build a solid foundation.”

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