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In growing a valuable business, prevention is better than cure


Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. To grow a valuable business – one you can sell – you need to set up your company so that it is no longer reliant on you. This can be easier said than done, especially when, like a PR consultant or plumber, what you are selling is your expertise. To scale up a ...

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Be prepared: Selling your company like a boy scout

boy scout

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Selling a business might be a CEO’s end-game, a forced necessity, or an opportunity presented unexpectedly, yet proper forethought and preparation is just as crucial here as it is in day-to-day operations. Selling your business is always emotional, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Most companies won’t find themselves ready, and they ...

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Should growth really be your only goal?

Foresight CFO Consulting

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Have you set a goal for your company this year? If you’re like most business owners, you’re striving for an increase in your annual sales. It’s natural to want your company to be bigger because that’s what everyone around us seems to celebrate. Magazines profile the fastest growing companies, industry associations celebrate their ...

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8 questions you’ll be asked when selling your business


Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. One of the most intimidating aspects of selling your business can be facing the barrage of questions during the various management presentations you’ll be doing for potential acquirers. Be prepared to be grilled on all facets of your operations. Of course, every meeting will be different, but here are some questions you can ...

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How to hire the right CFO for your business


Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Are you ready for a CFO? And what qualifications should your ideal candidate have? The role of a CFO can vary for any organization, depending on a lot of variables. Day in and day out, you may need someone with a strong accounting background, but ultimately businesses need someone strategic to help guide ...

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What your birth certificate says about your exit plan

exit plan

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. In our experience, your age has a big effect on your attitude towards your business and how you feel about one day getting out. Here’s what we have found about what shapes your exit plan:  Business owners between 25 and 46 years old Twenty- and 30-something business owners grew up in an age ...

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The CFO perspective: How a CFO thinks, acts and implements

CFO perspective

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc.   Last week while lunching with the CEO of one of our client companies, he asked frankly, “Help me to understand. What is the CFO’s perspective? What role do you play in most companies?” In all honesty, he got me thinking. After all, if one CEO has this question I’m sure there are ...

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Profit leakage: What to do when you sell more, but make less?


Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Common places profit leakage can hide and how to solve it The dreaded profit leakage: It’s what happens when business is booming. You are closing more sales, delivering more products or services, but profits seem to have gradually or even almost imperceptibly shrunk. What’s worse as a business owner is then pulling together ...

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Cash crunch keeping you up at night?

cash flow

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Cash flow is the lifeblood of business. In fact, many CEOs will tell you they’ve lost nights of sleep when feeling a cash crunch — and not without reason: According to a U.S. Bank study, 82 percent of business failures are due to poor cash management. This is the story of one CEO. ...

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The ultimate business stability test: Can you go on vacation?

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc Pinpoint the pitfalls keeping you strapped and working against financial performance It’s summer time. As a business owner, this could be your busiest time of the year either for the business itself or the act of balancing work with your personal life. Kids are out of school, weather is warm, the sun is ...

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