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Understanding the rise of intrapreneurship


Thought Leadership presented by The Learning House, Inc.   By Tricia Hussung The term “intrapreneurship” refers to new ventures spearheaded within a larger organization. As the millennial generation enters the workforce with new ideas and an unfettered drive to succeed, intrapreneurship is on the rise as a way to channel innovation within a corporate framework. What is intrapreneurship? The essential ...

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Top 10 rules for successful sales and business development


Thought Leadership presented by MicroTech. 1. Go to work and work when you work. Don’t take hours to get started when you get to work — be ready the minute you get in the door. The thirty minutes or hour it takes to gear up is time you give the competition to catch-up. Don’t take long lunch hours or spend time doing ...

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Focus or fail

Stay Focused

Thought Leadership on Revenue Growth presented by United Sales Resources. Focus or fail. The difference between great performing sales organizations and just average ones comes down to focus. I think we all know what a great sales team looks like. They are able to consistently outperform their competitors, and they win new business and grow even in difficult times. Most often, great performing ...

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