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Not so fast: Why you need to think, plan and train before you fire


You’d have a hard time asking a CEO for advice or flipping through the pages of a business publication without coming across the words “hire slow, fire fast.” What’s more, with many experts predicting a major shortage of talent as the baby boomers retire, CEOs are listening. But some HR experts say it might be time to slow down and work out a strategy.

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Melania Trump and her speechwriter: What to do when trusted employees make big mistakes?

Melania Trump

When it became clear that parts of Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention were almost identical to a 2008 Michelle Obama speech, the Trump campaign faced a barrage of media criticism. On July 20, long-time Trump Organization employee Meredith McIver issued a statement taking the blame. All of which raises the question: When a usually solid employee takes a major stumble, what should you do?

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When do you let a new sales rep go?

Have you, at one time or another, kept an underperforming salesperson for too long? If you’re in the majority of business owners who have experienced this debacle (or witnessed your sales manager in the middle of it), see if you can answer this question: “Why did I wait so long to let them go?”

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