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How to keep the keepers – 16 cultural elements to ensure talent retention

Happy business people

Thought Leadership on Office Furniture presented by OFS Solutions.  “The best part about working for me is that my company offers…” Companies achieve optimum performance when their employees are awesome, intelligent, dedicated and all functioning cohesively towards achieving common SMART goals. The pivotal question becomes how to obtain and retain the greatest teams. After all, once you have expended the energy ...

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Finding and keeping the best employees

OFS on finding and hiring the best employees

Thought Leadership on Office Furniture presented by OFS Solutions.  Fred Allen once said “Treat employees like partners and they act like partners”. Some may feel that doing this is too risky. Well, I feel that not doing so is too risky. Whatever product or service you offer, your company must continuously provide value in order to build revenue. Like it or ...

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4 tips to finding and keeping customers

graphic that says customer relationship

So much literature on sales and marketing focuses on reaching customers and letting your website or your services convert those potential customers to returning customers. Despite all of the sources of information, nothing really talks about the most important aspect of business: keeping those customers. In such highly competitive markets, only one person can be the “winner” when it comes ...

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Choosing a wealth manager: It’s like finding a CFO for your personal wealth

Kendall capital management on choosing a CFO

Thought Leadership on Wealth Manager Strategies for the CEO presented by Kendall Capital Management. If you’re a CEO, you have a CFO who is charge of your company’s finances. He or she undoubtedly has a good skillset for managing a corporate balance sheet. But when it comes to managing a CEO’s personal finances and wealth, including retirement planning, a different set of ...

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