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Uncertainty and opportunity: Brexit, the election and evolving healthcare


Thought Leadership on Accounting and Finance presented by CliftonLarsonAllen. The waning days of the second quarter of 2016 brought capital market participants a surprise in the form of the Brexit, Britain’s momentous decision to leave the European Union (EU). We must acknowledge that the “leaves” outnumbering the “stays” in the U.K.’s referendum is not the result we, nor many political and ...

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Looking ahead: Donald Trump, Ben Franklin and the future of taxes

In today’s ever-competitive environment, I would hope that the influence of both Ben Franklin and Donald Trump help you focus more on the day-to-day of operating a company. Collaborate with other like-minded business owners to ensure the success and viability of American businesses. Create jobs by staying one step ahead of our international competitors. Invest in technology, infrastructure and education for our American corporations.

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Beyond your control: How to deal with (and adapt to) the things you cannot change

Paul Riecks

You have probably heard the Serenity Prayer authored by American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” Running a business does not stop with recognizing the difference. You have to take into account the things that cannot be changed and decide what you are going to do about them.

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Politics, Facebook and pizza: How the rise of fake news and online rumors affects businesses


Facebook and Google have been facing a growing outcry over the proliferation of what’s commonly known as “fake news” on their sites, with some commentators alleging that the widespread sharing of thinly sourced or completely fabricated posts may have influenced the outcome of the presidential election. But this week, it became clear that the power of online rumors reaches small businesses as well.

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Which industries will benefit, suffer under a Trump administration? The stock market provides early clues

stock market

After an initial slump, stocks quickly rallied as the news of Donald Trump’s victory sank in. Analysts attributed the quick recovery to a realization among investors that the next administration was likely to cut taxes and regulations, and perhaps invest in new infrastructure. So what are the markets telling us about which industries will see the biggest benefit or take the greatest hit?

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What will the Trump presidency mean for the economy?


In a stunning upset, Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton in the race for the presidency. The reasons for this outcome — and why so few polls seemed to predict it — will be parsed for months to come. For now, let’s focus on the future: What are the implications of a Trump administration for the U.S. and global economy?

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