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RVM Enterprises, Inc.

Cheryl Brunetti, Executive Chairwoman, RVM Enterprises, Inc. - 2015 EANYC Finalists: Providing consistent feedback is extremely valuable, and when that communication becomes collaboration, it can help both the employee and the company.

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Bond Painting Company, Inc.

2016 EANYC Finalists: Bond Painting Company, Inc.,Stuart Feld, President - Fun Fact: Bond Painting Company is named in honor of James Bond. Its slogan is “Our paint is shaken, not stirred.”

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Skyline Windows

Steven Kraus headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Skyline Windows,Steven Kraus, CEO - Fun Fact: “More than 30 Skyline employees are related to each other in some way.”

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Patient Care Associates, Inc.

Taryn B. Tanzer headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Patient Care Associates, Inc., Taryn B. Tanzer, President - Fun Fact: “Patient Care Associates has performed in excess of one million testing procedures to date.”

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Professional Physical Therapy

Adam Elberg headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Professional Physical Therapy, Adam Elberg, President, CEO and Founding Partner - Fun Fact: “Professional started out in 1999 with one small office in Bayside, Queens. The first two employees hired are still with the company today.”

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Riviera Caterers

Andrew Cavitolo headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Riviera Caterers, Andrew Cavitolo, CEO and Creative Director - Fun Fact: Launched in 1895, Riviera has been a family-run operation for over a century.

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Grass Roots Meetings & Events

Barry Richards headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Grass Roots Meetings & Events, Barry Richards, President - Fun Fact: Richards has worked his way up in the event industry, earning his stripes on the ground as an event manager.

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BFC Partners

Donald Capoccia and Joseph Ferrara headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: BFC Partners, Donald Capoccia and Joseph Ferrara, Principals - Quick Tip: “You’re better off making a bad decision and moving forward than making no decision at all.”

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Phoenix Media Group

Chris Phoenix headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Phoenix Media Group, Chris Phoenix, CEO - Fun Fact: Phoenix Media Group has created original content for BRAVO, Comedy Central, ESPN, Funny or Die and Broadway Video.

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Yuriy Boykiv headshot

2016 EANYC Finalists: Gravity, Yuriy Boykiv, CEO - Fun Fact: “Among our 45 employees in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris and London, over 21 languages are fluently spoken. Each member of our team has a diverse cultural background.”

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