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How former U.N. peacekeeper Nick Clark is working to keep today’s soldiers safe

Nick Clark has founded four companies, but first, he was a soldier. He served in the Defence Force of his native Australia, and later went on assignment in Cambodia as a U.N. Peacekeeper. Today, Clark leads Alexium, a company that develops chemical solutions with an emphasis on human and environmental health. As part of that mission, Clark and Alexium are working with the Department of Defense to make U.S. Army soldiers’ uniforms safer. Here, Clark discusses the lessons of his military career, and what it means to be a true entrepreneur.

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Army veteran Louisa Jaffe built TAPE into one of DC’s most respected federal contractors

Louisa Jaffe

When military retirement policies forced Louisa Jaffe to end her Army career shortly after 9/11, she was devastated and desperate to find some other way to serve. Her quest led her to found TAPE — a certified service-disabled veteran-owned, economically disadvantaged, woman-owned small business. TAPE, which started as two people operating out of Jaffe’s townhouse, has grown into a federal contractor conducting more than $25 million of business each year.

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Vision, strategy, execution: How Jaime Nespor-Zawmon has grown SmartCEO

Everyone has ideas. Ideas for new businesses, new ways to do things, ways to improve and ways to get better. But not many people are able to take their ideas and relentlessly pursue them until they become a reality. Jaime Nespor-Zawmon is the President of the Events Division of SmartCEO, and she is one of those rare people. Jaime, a graduate ...

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How the Beall family built Ledo Pizza into a regional franchise empire


Jamie Beall and his brother Rob Beall, who serves as Ledo’s CEO, were born into a restaurant family and grew up in the kitchen. Robert M. Beall, their father, started franchising Ledo Pizza in 1989, and the business has grown by a few locations a year ever since. Rob and Jaime, in more recent years, have taken the reins of the longstanding family brand.

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