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Windows 10 Enterprise E3: Enhanced security for your business

security Microsoft

Thought Leadership on Managed IT Services presented by SecurElement Infrastructure Solutions. Microsoft has recently released a new SKU to the Cloud Solution Provider family of products: Windows 10 Enterprise E3. This new OS upgrade provides enterprise-grade security capabilities for small and mid-sized businesses. Machines that are running Windows 10 Pro currently have these features included in the OS, but the ...

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The future of security and biometrics in the workplace


Thought Leadership on The Future of Technology presented by One Source Imaging Solutions, Inc. How many times have you reset your password because you forgot it? Do you use the same password for everything, including accessing online banking? Your work computer? Your social media? Biometrics is a term that refers to measuring unique individual characteristics such as the retina, the iris, fingerprints ...

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Are you in denial about your company’s cybersecurity?

Thought Leadership on Real-Life Technology Stories presented by Phalanx Secure Solutions Today’s security landscape consistently shows data breaches, compliance failures and other security weaknesses for businesses of all sizes. Hackers make headlines every day and consumers have started to care about online crime because it’s a reality, and no company or individual is immune. So why, then, do some executives continue to ...

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Army veteran Louisa Jaffe built TAPE into one of DC’s most respected federal contractors

Louisa Jaffe

When military retirement policies forced Louisa Jaffe to end her Army career shortly after 9/11, she was devastated and desperate to find some other way to serve. Her quest led her to found TAPE — a certified service-disabled veteran-owned, economically disadvantaged, woman-owned small business. TAPE, which started as two people operating out of Jaffe’s townhouse, has grown into a federal contractor conducting more than $25 million of business each year.

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Cybersecurity is everyone’s priority

security compas

Thought Leadership on Business Insights presented by Sterling National Bank. One of the biggest concerns surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) is data security. More devices than ever are transmitting more data than ever, posing a significant threat to businesses tied in to the IoT. In the past, an individual or department might be responsible for data security and cybersecurity within ...

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Infographic: Bridging the skills gap

The requirements for skilled employees are changing rapidly across almost every industry, making it impossible for university curricula and technical training programs to keep up. As a result, companies are finding it harder and harder to fill key positions.

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