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Why companies should focus on relationships, above all else

businessman looking for a handshake

Thought Leadership on Innovative Tech presented by SWK Technologies. I recently had the privilege of gathering almost every employee at SWK Technologies together for a fun and productive two-day staff event, which included our annual meeting. As I looked around at everyone in the room on the first day, I watched them laugh, chat, share recipes, comment on recent sports games, ...

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Don’t shun offline strategies: Radio marketing is alive and well

Larry Alton

There’s no question that the internet has completely transformed the marketing landscape. In fact, many brands now dedicate the majority of their efforts to various internet marketing media, including social media, SEO, paid advertising and content marketing. However, that doesn’t mean offline marketing is a thing of the past.

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4 ways to win the race for keeping customers

Businessmen racing

To win in a highly competitive business environment, you need to create a differentiated value in the customer’s mind. If the customer sees you as different and valued, competitive pressures decrease and price elasticity increases. So, how do you win the battle in the mind of the customer? Baltimore Business Journal has identified four strategies that are fundamental to this effort. 1. Seek ...

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4 tips to finding and keeping customers

graphic that says customer relationship

So much literature on sales and marketing focuses on reaching customers and letting your website or your services convert those potential customers to returning customers. Despite all of the sources of information, nothing really talks about the most important aspect of business: keeping those customers. In such highly competitive markets, only one person can be the “winner” when it comes ...

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