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Defining core values: How to create a successful company culture

core values

Thought Leadership on Lending presented by Gibraltar Business Capital. Aside from the required elements that are essential to running a successful business — having a defined goal and realistic expectations, retaining talented staff, a tailored strategy to achieve steady growth — there remains a key component and basis for the longevity of any successful business: the company’s core values. Establishing a ...

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Corporate culture shock: reinventing your brand

Thought Leadership on Talent and H.R. presented by Speed Raceway. Any world traveler can tell you that stepping off a plane in another country can sometimes feel like walking into a new, bizarre and unfamiliar world. The language, food, rituals and customs all differ from what we are accustomed to. In these instances, different doesn’t necessarily equate to either good or ...

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Employee engagement: Do you inspire your staff?

Thought Leadership on Lending presented by Gibraltar Business Capital. While most small business owners take pride in how they have curated and retained their workforce, a constant concern revolves around keeping employees motivated, focused and flexible enough to evolve with the company’s direction. As a business expands, it is critical that its staff, across all levels and roles, remains inspired — ...

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What your review process says about your company culture

The review process can be a time-consuming and tedious exercise for both managers and their direct reports. Most importantly, it can delay feedback and two-way conversations that would have been more beneficial at an earlier time. As a result, some employers are looking at alternatives to the annual review to build a stronger, more cohesive company culture.

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4 hard facts about your organization’s ‘soft’ side

Simple Solutions corporate culture image for SmartCEO

Thought Leadership on Execution Strategies presented by Simple Solutions. Most leaders understand that achieving high performance in an organization requires hard work. For example, executives who successfully execute a business strategy to produce sustained growth, profits and high customer satisfaction are thought to posses the highest level of business acumen and dedication. Less well known is that the hardest part of achieving ...

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Does your brand match your culture?

RMR Associates culture and brand image for SmartCEO

Thought Leadership on Integrated Marketing Communications presented by RMR Associates. There has been a lot of talk recently about a company’s brand. What’s your brand? And what if you want to change your brand? How do you go about doing that? Before you can change your company’s brand or culture, you have to know what it is. To change your ...

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