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Considering hybrid-cloud voice communications? Here’s how to make them work

Thought Leadership on VOIP/Telecommunications presented by Chesapeake Telephone Systems. Hybrid-cloud voice communications have emerged as a popular way for businesses to connect their people. You may already know that a hybrid cloud can support a mix of on-premises and cloud-based solutions, but before we explore the advantages and how to prepare, we’ll review your various cloud options. Cloud basics Public cloud ...

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Phone hackers are exploiting VoIP. Here’s how to protect your business.


Thought Leadership on VOIP/Telecommunications presented by Chesapeake Telephone Systems. With the wide adoption of Voice-over-IP technology, phone hacking continues to evolve. It’s costing businesses billions of dollars annually in lost productivity and higher phone bills. Typically, there’s no escape — many carriers expect the victims to pay for fraudulent calls in full. Decades ago, “phreakers” were able to access Ma Bell’s ...

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The reports of two-way radio’s death have been greatly exaggerated

Communications Electronics image for SmartCEO

Thought Leadership on Wireless Communications Technology presented by Communications Electronics. The old analog two-way radio is a thing of the past. Today’s mobile radios have evolved into digital communication devices capable of handling a multitude of new applications that enhance productivity. Digital radios enable functions such as email, text messaging, GPS coordination and even “work-ticket” programs. Cell phones can now ...

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Does your data visualization tell a lie?

computer screen that says "lies"

Thought Leadership on Data Analytics presented by IQ Strategic Communications. If you’re like most businesses, data visualization has changed the way you make strategic decisions. But, are your data graphics leading you down the wrong path? By now, you have been inundated with infographics that are all designed to tell you a story. Because we have become a society seeking ...

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Expanding your circle of connections

Sterling national bank business circle

Thought Leadership on Business Execution presented by Sterling National Bank. After a long day at work, the last thing you probably want to do is attend another after-hours meet-and-greet. However, these networking opportunities to expand your professional circle could provide the critical contacts you need to take your business to the next level. While it’s possible you’ll make a cold call that ...

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A sustainable business means steady growth over time -- that’s the philosophy behind SOSi, a defense contractor with locations in Reston, VA, and New York.

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Cynet Systems

Cynet Systems, a staffing and recruiting services company in IT and engineering consulting, has an open-door policy.

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Firaxis Games

Every new employee who joins Firaxis Games gets a sit-down with president and studio head Steve Martin.

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When they started Visionist, Chris Berry and Brian Lehman had already had successful careers in software engineering.

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Wise Consulting

Wise Consulting, an HR and workforce-management technology solutions consultancy, is based in Hunt Valley, MD, but its team is all over the country.

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