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Trump’s executive order on immigration spurs CEO backlash


The CEOs of Goldman Sachs, Starbucks, Facebook, Google and a number of other high-profile companies have spoken out against President Donald Trump’s recent executive order, citing moral objections, but also the fact that the order’s travel restrictions could have adverse effects on their businesses.

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5 reasons ceos should care about the cloud

ceo using the cloud

Thought Leadership on Cloud Computing presented by DP Solutions.  Everyone’s talking about the Cloud these days. But why should you, as a CEO, care? According to a recent report by SMB Group* 92% of SMBs are now using at least one cloud business solution and 87% are using at least one cloud infrastructure solution. And those numbers are expected to grow ...

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5 lessons all CEOs can learn about execution from healthcare.gov’s epic failures

guy facepalming

Thought Leadership on Execution Strategies presented by Simple Solutions. One of the most visible and epic examples of execution failures in recent times is the launch of access to the Nation’s first universal health care enrollment system, Healthcare.gov – the website for the Affordable Care Act. Independent of the policies, politics and technology of Healthcare.gov, the faltering debut of the initiative provides ...

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C-level executives need more than an investment advisor they can trust – they need a fiduciary

Lightbulb with trust buzz words

Thought Leadership on Wealth Manager Strategies for the CEO presented by Kendall Capital Management. When it comes to meeting the investment advisory needs of C-level executives, trustworthiness is a primary consideration. Trustworthiness in the context of investment advice is usually a function of three factors: Structure of the investment firm; Experience and credentials of the people running the firm, as well as ...

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